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Mission Statement and Vision


Grace And Peace Unlimited® was created to provide empowering lifelong, evolving solutions for individuals, families, groups and organizations that provide paradigm shifts in thinking and behavior that maximize life and career endeavors.



Grace and Peace Unlimited® was created in January of 2004. The basic nature of this company is the empowerment and maximization of all who wish to be... the best they can be. 


The core values we represent are:




The importance of individuality cannot be underestimated, everything we do is dependent upon the uniqueness of each individual and the path to completeness in their own potential.


Integrity and honesty are the foundation core values that we build upon. We are completely honest with our clients when it comes to applauding their efforts as well as epuipping them for the work needed to be done in their frailties and self-work.


Efficiency is the key to not just discussion and goal setting but implementation of the groundwork and building of the individual, family and group.


My vision is to use my life experience, tools I have attained and personal drive to help, heal and direct those who would partner with me, towards attaining their goals, changing their lives, and eventually helping others as well. The path is not always clear and straight, it is most of the time, under-construction... with many road blocks and detours... some of these self realized... however I make it my mission to travel those paths with you... never alone... partners in the great journey towards healing, healthy and maximized potential.

I look forward to working and striving with you... together... on a path of self-elightenment and fulfillment of your dreams and aspirations... as we journey on.


My mission and calling is to help you reach your full potential. - Paul Harper



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